About Us

Wok Republic is the fruit of passionate labour by three food lovers and lifelong friends.


Inspired by their sojourns across various countries in South East Asia, Wok Republic brings to its diners the traditional and authentic flavours which are the very soul of their culture. To enable this dream, the trio has together and individually travelled into the heart of many of these countries, stayed with the locals, explored their cuisines and culture and gained enough understanding to be able to recreate similar experiences for their customers here.

Cooked with patience and a lot of research, the result is a venture that offers never before tasted flavours of South East Asian countries in a very informal and friendly ambience with a flavour of quality, health and economy.

Adding unique flavours to this blend are the different approaches and attitudes of the three partners:

Karan adds the zing to the mix with his enthusiasm to try new foods, love for music and the party scene. He is a hospitality graduate from Switzerland and his command over retail operations and franchisee experience is the cherry on top for us.

Sandeep , a gentle giant (doing justice to all that he eats) is a calm person with immense business experience in Finance & Accounting. He does the big job of handling all the moolahs for us.

Ashwin is a serial entrepreneur. His latest venture being Wok Republic. A go-getter by nature, his key experience and focus is in strategizing and brand management, including alliances, marketing and all other branding exercises. Given a choice, he would love to spend all his life exploring the world and making new friends.

Throughout our journey, we want to keep offering new delights to our customers. Our team of culinary articts or chefs as you may call them, are dedicated to creating such gems for you where each bite exports you to another country.

As with any passion, the desire is to include others in our experiences and pleasures. Hence, we aim to grow to 10 outlets by March 2017 and then to expand to other metros and 2 Tier Cities.